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The Dalek Asylum. You said it was me that saved you. How? Victorian London. How, how could I have been in Victorian London?

There’s no such thing as ghosts, thinks Clara Oswald. If a ghost is a memory of somebody we lost and can’t let go, the Doctor is most definitely surrounded by them. And Clara watches him struggling with some of them - Clara’s echoes. But there is only one original Clara, who does not want to be ‘a bargain basement stand-in for someone else’. But she accepts that people around the Doctor just don’t come and go, in a way they stay with him forever - as ghosts. And that she will become one of them as well, although she might not like that idea. But in the end, she finds out who the ghosts the Doctor was was concerned about are and creates them to save the universe.

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How long can you hold your breath?

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If Vastra changed, if she was different, if she wasn’t the person that you liked…
I don’t like her, ma’am, I love her. And as to different, well, she’s a lizard.

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Peter on set Doctor Who Series 8 Filming ~ July 19th 2014

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the goddess in pose vs the goddess in rage

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Jenna filming at  Aberavon beach (x)

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                                    I blew into this world on a leaf.
                          I’m still blowing. I don’t think I’ll ever land.
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084. Am I a good man? (x)
          Series 8 of Doctor Who will premiere on saturday August 23.

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